We recommend a list of dune buggy rental to take on your next memorable roadtrip to Morocco. If you want to try something new and unusuall. Whether you are interesting in exploring the wild nature, learn about the locals and experience an action outdoor journey using our dunes buggies rental in different locations. Either few hourse desert buggy rides around Marrakech, rugged buggy tours in Ouarzazate, or our deep desert dune buggy ride will take you into off the beaten trails.

In reason, to discover nature’s greatest exciting places such as never before. We offer dune buggies adventure, for solo travellers, family-friendly rides, group of friends or for couples. We will take across stunning desert scenery that have been chosen for their authenticity, diversity, and splendor. Our expert buggy team, will guarantee your safety and track selection. You don’t need to become a licensed driver, or even have any previous experience to enjoy our  desert buggy adventures.! So, Choose the varietal Morocco dune buggy rental, and we will take care of the rest.


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If you’ve ever wanted to go one step farther in the desert, this is your chance! These Dune Buggies rides, will immerse you in off-roading experience! If you want to enjoy this activity with your family, renting a dune buggy with 4 seats is an available option. Either driving on your own way, or with an expert buggy driver/guide.  We provide several dune buggy rides,  where a professional driver/guide will give you and your friends the best buggy lifetime experience. After one of these experiences, y ou’ll never look at sand again as being boring.

To prevent you from saying, “Well, I’ve always wanted to ride a dune buggy but we don’t have the equipment,” we’ve created a list of the best seller dune buggy vacations.  During each of these experiences, you will really feel and live a pure buggy adventure in the deep Sahara desert.

3 day Desert Dune Buggy Journey

Start your motors and get ready for the fun outdoor in this desert dune buggy ride! Ride a two-or four-seater automated dune buggy through the Erg Chebbi dunes, dry rivers as well as the Hamadas. This thrilling buggy adventure allows you to explore and enjoy a lifetime off-road experience
Easy buggy

5-day Fun Desert Dune Buggy Excursion

Take this 5-day expedition on a dune buggy ride through some of Africa's most remote, beautiful, and rugged country. Everything will be provided: equipment, food, water, and lodging. Prepare to see great scenery, rugged mountain, wild desert, engraving, sleeping under stars...

Best 7-day Sahara Dune Buggies Tour

On this fully thrilling and ambitious desert sand buggy journey, you will explore the world of vast desert dunes. You will see and experience the four spectacular sand dunes in Morocco's deep Sahara desert. This is your chance to experience Morocco in a way that few others have.

Why the dune buggy rides with us

Unique Buggy Adventures
The majority of our tours are outdoors and adventure-focused, making them perfect for the adventure lovers in you.  Our trips take you into the wild, the outback, off-road paths, and mountains where roads are rare.

We take you to off the beaten path. Most of our experiences that we offer are authentic and untouched by mass tourism.


Buggy adventures has been awarded a 2014 Certificate of Excellence for achieving continuously high ratings on the world’s leading online travel agency.

Morocco Sand Dune Buggy Rides

Experience the thrill of dune buggy rentals with a local Sahara-born expert who’s intimately familiar with the desert terrain. With over a dozen years in the business, we boast exclusive access to picturesque off-the-beaten-path routes deep within the desert.

What sets our dune buggy rentals apart from typical desert excursions is the immersive nature of the experience. Unlike other tours where the guide merely points things out, our Active dune buggy rentals ensure you actively live, enjoy, and fully feel your desert adventure. Each member of your group is provided with their own dune buggy because we specialize in private buggy tours. Your exploration of the desert will be an intimate affair, shared only with your friends, family, and our expert guide.

Our expansive desert safari package offers you the chance to embark on an exhilarating off-road dune buggy ride amidst stunning scenery. Depending on your skill level and comfort, as well as the duration of your Morocco dune buggy rental, you and your party can follow our local guide through paths of varying difficulty. Whether you prefer to drive a shared dune buggy, ride as a passenger in the lead buggy guided by our knowledgeable safari mentor, or reserve a private desert dune buggy for yourself, your family, or friends, we cater to your preferences.

Every opportunity with us is a thrilling dune buggy adventure. You can opt for a one-hour off-road dune buggy ride, where adrenaline surges through your veins as you soak in the mesmerizing desert landscapes. Alternatively, if you yearn for a more extended journey, join us for a multi-day off-roading dune buggy expedition, exploring diverse and untamed desert terrains.

Our multi-day dune buggy tours and expeditions come complete with packages that originate from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, or the nearest airport, including seamless transportation. Your desert adventure begins the moment you step into one of our dune buggies, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey from start to finish. Don’t miss out on the chance to make every moment exceptional – join us for a dune buggy experience like no other!