Hiking Tours in Morocco

Our trips to Morocco include not just breathtaking climbing in the Atlas mountains and the Sahara sand, but also time to explore the remarkable architecture, souks, and squares that can be found in the country’s cities. You will be accompanied by our knowledgeable guide who will also serve as your own personal mountain guide. Your experienced guide will share with you his unparalleled expertise of the local area, including his intimate familiarity with the region’s historic pathways, terraced pastures, and quaint adobe communities. You will have the additional advantage of knowing that you are assisting in maintaining the standard of living in these outlying Berber settlements in a world that is always undergoing transformation.

Our walking vacations in Morocco are designed to take in the most important and intriguing sights of this exotic country. You will be staying in hand-picked traditional riads, luxury trekking lodges, and great mountain hotels. These are the kinds of places where you can unwind at the end of a hard day of experiencing the city or having traveled through the peaks and valleys of the High Atlas.