Morocco is a country brimming with color and vibrancy, qualities that are most evident in the many souks that are dispersed across the main towns. During a visit to this region, there will be an abundance of items that you will want to purchase and bring home as mementos. Nonetheless, what is really worth purchasing? This article will show you things to purchase while on vacation in Morocco.

Spices: After a vacation to Morocco, travelers often purchase spices as souvenirs. Every city has a central marketplace called a souk where locals sell various spices. Ras el Hanout is the most unique of all the spices since it literally translates to “head of the store.” The proprietor of the business will personally combine all of these spices for you, thus the name of the establishment. Typically, it includes cumin seeds, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, clove pepper powder, and more spices.